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Should I post on my businesses social media or hire an agency?

Ok so a few nights ago I was out with a friend and we headed to a bar to catch up...

This particular friend runs his own business which I guess you could class as a start up as it's reasonably young.

And half way through the evening he said to me.... Mark look, I know you guys run a social media company and I know you're probably going to try and sell me on the fact you guys should run my social media but can I ask you an honest question...

Should I be posting on my own social media or should I hire a company like yours?

Now the answer that I gave him, actually shocked him a little, not because he thought that I'd had a couple of beers and that I was just talking crazy but...I said to him

You should absolutely be posting on your own social media as the owner of the business, or at least employees within your company should be posting and NOT outsourcing it to a company like ours.

He was like... "Oh right, that wasn't what I expected you to say, I thought you were going to try and pitch me" so I explained a little further.

Here's the thing... all the clients that we have here at letsone. really I say to them, if you can post yourself, every single day and you can brand it and you can make it look awesome and you can get your message across to your audience...

You should absolutely do it!

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Look to an Agency Next

You should come to someone like letsone. as a second or the next step.

Becuase while it's true, we can do all the above for you, there is not a chance that we or any digital agency or any company that claims they can, can talk to your audience in the same way that you can.

The reason is you know:

  • Exactly who your audience are (hopefully)

  • Everything about your product and how it's come to be at that stage (we all know products develop over time)

  • You really do know everything about your restaurant, everything about your menu, why that certain little side dressing is on the menu.

Whereas an agency, it's either going to take them a long time to get to that level or more likely, they're just never going to reach it.

So if you can post on your own social media and you've got time to do that and you've got the skill to covert your knowledge and ideas into a set of posts that are maybe branded.

You should absolutely do it!

Then at the point where you don't have the time or you don't think you have the skill when it comes to, let's say the designs... but you want it to look super professional.

That's when you should look to a digital agency like ours to post on your behalf.

Now my friend at this point was like. "Oh right, ok...well that sounds fair enough then, I guess I can buy the next round of beers because I won't have to invest in your services."

That is exactly it... we look after two types of clients here at letsone.

Those at the very beginning stages of their business and they literally do not know what to post at all...we help those type of people out.

We also help business that have grown to a point where they don't have time to post any more, they genuinely don't have the time to think of the ideas and their products are maybe a little more mature so they don't constantly change.

That's when they come to us and say... look, this is our message, this is how we talk to our clients, can you mirror that and create more content around those items.

So this works great for both parties, because they know who they are as a business, who they're trying to talk to etc and we know how to amplify that on social media.

Even before you look at a digital agency to post on your social media for you, do it yourself and test it out. Try to find out what does work and what doesn't work and the beauty is... you almost can't get it wrong becuase, every time you post you are learning something.

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You've got to be looking at the engagement, likes, comments etc. and comparing them to each other. And the ones with the most of these are definitely the types of posts (once you've done that a few times over a 6 months period) that allow you to really understand what your audience is looking for.

And don't try and overcomplicate it - simply look at what has the best engagement, likes, comments and clicks to your website and you've got your winners.

Then with this information you can go to a digital agency, explain to them what you've tried, and ask them... can you do more of this, make it look better and take it up a level.


If you can post on your own social media... do it!

Don't be lazy and just think an agency can magically change the fortune of your business. I think you should always try it out first as this will help you understand it a lot more.

I've spoken about this when it comes to websites too... if you've done it yourself no agency will be able to hide behind any numbers which don't mean anything becuase you know which numbers are important.

So when you've tried and tested it you're only really going to an agency when you want to grow and expand. This then allows you to put more time and effort into something else in your business.

But because you know how social works, you're essentially asking them to do it bigger, quicker and more professional.


To summarise this slightly longer than expected article...

If you own your business, you know it inside out back to front, better than anyone else, better than any agency can. So you should absolutely be posting on your own companies behalf.

Then once you've learnt what works and what doesn't, go to an agency explain to them what's working, and ask them to take that up a level.

And even then, don't be afraid to work as a hybrid with an agency, thats how we work.

Where we take care of most of the posting, but plenty of our clients still like to chip in to and post content themselves and that works great!

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