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Why you should build your own website!

So I get this question asked all the time...

Do I really need a web developer or can I just do it myself?

I completely appreciate this question because there are definitely web builders out there today that you can jump on, watch a couple of Youtube videos and build a website.

And to be fair, if you are at the beginning stages of your business where money is tight and maybe you don't know exactly what you want on your website yet.

It this instance, maybe building a website is the right thing to do because you can do plenty of trial and error. You can put things up and if you don't really like it or it's not working for you, very quickly you can make the changes that you want. Plus you don't have to keep paying for these changes to be made.

Obviously there's going to be a learning curve there. You'll have to learn how the internet works at its basic level...domain connection, hosting etc.

But at the end of the day if you're willing to put that work in...and chances are at the beginning stages of your business you are, you'll work 25 hours a day. That's just the way it goes.

That's how I got started, I knew nothing about building websites 10 years ago... and me saying 10 years ago as I write this makes me feel very old.

But yeh, 10 years ago I knew nothing about building websites but I had an idea for something I wanted to create online and so I just set about learning...so it is definitely possible.

So do you NEED a web developer?

Well...If you are just starting out in business, maybe that's actually the best time to learn it for yourself because then once you do get a bit of cash behind you and you start making a bit of profit and you do approach a web developer. That's when you'll have a lot more of an understanding as to how building a website works.

So you'll almost be like one of the best clients possible for that agency. (also you may end up being the worst client as you won't settle for anything and you certainly won't let them pull the wool of your eyes with fancy words).

But on a serious note, surely at this point you'll be able to see exactly what you need to communicate with that developer so they can get the job done. So it will be a lot easier process for both you and them.

Almost talking myself out of sales as I'm sure you're already aware we do sell website packages..

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But if you're just starting out maybe it is the time to build a website yourself.

Now equally, when you are just starting out in business you have almost no time because you're putting every minute into thinking about growing the business, so maybe... from a complete contradictory statement here.

Maybe at the beginning of your business process, this is the time you need to go and get help from somebody else when it comes to your website so that you can concentrate on what you're good at and they can concentrate on what they're good at.

Now the thing to consider is, like most things in life... if you pay a little bit for a website, chances are the quality is going to be less than paying someone a lot more. Obviously, that's not always the case but it is genuinely how it works.

But, here's a little advice from someone who runs a web company where we are building multiple websites every single day.

If you're in a position where you can learn about building websites...GO FOR IT... DO THAT!

If you're in a position where you don't have the time and maybe you don't have the money, don't be afraid to search out for people, there are absolutely people out there... especially people who are young and hungry, fresh graduates that are EPIC at building websites.

They might be 19/20 years old and they're not looking for £10,000 to build your website, they just want £500 or £1,000 and they'll build you something that's just as valuable as what a large agency would build for £10,000.

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To summerise...

Should you build a website yourself?

Or should you hire someone else... it entirely depends on your situation.

Which I apologise because that is such an on the fence position to take, but that is the truth.

If you're willing to learn and spend all night learning... GO FOR IT!

If you don't have that amount of time and you don't have large amounts of funding, spend your time trying to find someone who provides that VALUE to COST ratio.

And if you're in a position where you run a business and you have the cash to invest...INVEST IT.

Respect the art form of web development

We do this all day, everyday... we know the little nuances of what could potentially go wrong and most importantly what could go right. We understand how to really execute and ensure your company looks the best it possible can do online.

So there are those three positions that you might find yourself falling into. My advice is whichever you are in... take the action which matches.

Hopefully that's helped a little and if you have any questions about web development, the team and I here at letsone are more than happy to help.

Cheers, Mark

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